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Election Law Review and Update

Election Law Review and Update

Amending the Constitution - Article V Convention

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Delaware County Health Department

In 2009, the Leagues of Central Delaware County, Haverford and Radnor completed a study of health needs in Delaware County and adopted a position that called for the formation of a Delaware County Health Department.

We continue to urge the formation of a County Health Department as it would

  • improve basic health services
  • make Delaware County eligible for federal and state funds, and
  • ensure better coordination of and timely response to public health emergencies.

Education - High Stakes Testing

After study, discussion and consensus, the League has adopted the following positions related to Education: We are in the process of learning more about the issue of assessment in Pennsylvania schools. Some of the standardized testing is mandated by federal regulations and some is required by the PA Department of Education. We need to understand
  • how much testing is required to know whether students are progressing?
  • how much assessment is needed to hold schools accountable for adequate instruction?
  • at once point does preparing and passing tests become the purpose of education
  • how important should tests be in decisions that affect students' and teachers' futures?

Join the discussion on January 22nd, Media Borough Hall, Parlor from 11:45-2pm.

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